Dorothy M Wallace COPE Center - COPE South-TAP center

About Our Program


Dorothy M. Wallace COPE (Continuing Opportunities for Purposeful Education) Center’s vision is to provide varying educational opportunities, enabling teenage parents to become high school graduates and reach their fullest potential.


Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center accepts the responsibility of teaching teenage parents through multi-disciplinary approaches in a nurturing environment. We recognize the total well-being of each student by fostering positive social and emotional growth. In addition, we provide academic, parenting, life management and career skills, along with needed support services, allowing for maximum school success.


In order to achieve our vision and mission, the administration, faculty, staff, students and parents of Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center are committed to the following beliefs. • investing in teen pregnancy prevention and services for young parents supports the development of healthy families and strengthens communities. • teen pregnancy prevention programs and programs for pregnant and parenting teens must be effective, comprehensive in approach and demonstrate respect for the rights and capabilities of adolescents. • parents and caregivers are important sexuality educators of their children and the involvement of community programs, schools, and religious institutions can assist families in addressing the issue of teen pregnancy and the needs of parenting youth. • young men and young women are equally responsible for making decisions about sexual activity, preventing pregnancy, and supporting and parenting children. • staff must be positive, caring and empathetic.


C.O.P.E. (Continuing Opportunities for Purposeful Education) Center South is a school designed to provide educational and ancillary services for pregnant and parenting teens. This center opened for the first time on September 25, 1972. The first center was housed in an office building in Point Royale Shopping Center. The school’s initial administrator was Dorothy M. Wallace. The school remained at this site for ten years, serving students from Flagler to the Monroe County line. In September 1982, the school moved to Glendale Baptist Church. This location accommodated a larger number of students and provided a separate child care center. In September 1992, faculty, staff and students moved into the present facility exclusively designed for the teen parent program. The school’s name was changed in 1997 from C.O.P.E. Center South to Dorothy M. Wallace C.O.P.E. Center in honor of the first principal of the school, Mrs. Dorothy M. Wallace (1972-1996). Besides Mrs. Dorothy M. Wallace, C.O.P.E. Center South has been graced with four outstanding leaders dedicated to the school’s vision and mission to educate and support teen parents: Mrs. Lula Pearson (1997 – 2001), Mrs. Edwina King (2001 – 2008), Mrs. Karen Webb (2008 – 2012) and Mrs. Annette Burks-Grice 2012-Present. This is a full service school providing on-site accommodations: a health clinic, dental services, mental health services, vision services, Medicaid, a WIC office, child care services and parenting classes.

The school’s faculty and staff are committed to helping our teen parents reach their ultimate potential educationally, emotionally and socially.