A student is considered for admission to Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center when a referral is initiated, pregnancy is confirmed and an application is made in accordance with the following criteria:

Health Services

On-site Childcare Program





Students grade 6-12 receive services based ont he Next Generation Sunshine State Standards ( in transition to Common Core State Standards), the district's Comprehensive Reading Plan and the district's Mathematics and Science plan, all of which are implemented throughout the curriculum.

Educational programs that result in student learning are the Accelerated Reader Program, Reading Plus, Voyager, and Jamestown Navigator Program.

Other educational programs that result in student learning are Cognitive Tutor for Mathematics, and infusion of technology such as smartboards and Discovery Education across the curriculum.

Teachers use Creating Independence Through Student Owned Strategies ( CRISS ) , and English Language Learner strategies, and other strategies to address the varying learning modalities of our students.

Students are offered Intensive Reading classes  and Mathematics Intervention through on-site tutors designed to increase both grade-level and standardized test performance.

Students are offered parenting courses accompanied by a parenting laboratory to fortify family life- essential practices for the teen parent and child

Students are offered opportunities to participate in the career-technical education academies ( Early Childhood and Certified Nursing Assistant Academies ) which prepares them for entry-level work experiences, summer employment and post-secondary careers.


The on-site CHI ( Community Health Inc. ) Clinic provides comprehensive health care services at DMW COPE Center for pregnant/parenting teens and their infants/toddlers.  DMW COPE Center houses the CHI dental and medical clinics that provide health services for the students and their children.

Available services:

Additional services - CHI offers child birthing classes through the University of Miami School of Nursing, Department of Mid-Wifery Program, and Healthy Start a Florida Department of Health program that provides services to pregnant students and newborn babies.

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On-site Childcare Program

Childcare Specialist/Director - Kimberly Wilson


The State of Florida provides funding to care for infants and toddlers of students enrolled in public school.  In addition to our Parenting Laboratory, the Childcare program provides "hands-on" parenting skills during bonding time.  Our activities are developmentally age appropriate for infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarteners.

On-site childcare is provided for children from 1 month to 4 years of age.  The childcare program is licensed and is funded through the TAPP (Teenage Parent Program).  The parents earn bonding passes to work on and improve their parenting skills with their children, provided they attend school daily.  Developmental screenings are completed on all children using the Denver Screening Program.  The results are used to develop a curriculum appropriate for the child's developmental level.  At the end of each school day, the childcare nursery professionals debrief the teen parent on their child's activities for the day.  This provides the parent with information at the end of the day to assist both baby/child and parent transition from school to home.

The childcare facilities comprise the following: 5 nurseries, pre-K facility, age appropriate outdoor play facilities,  and fully staffed  childcare professionals assigned according to the state mandated childcare giver/student ratio requirements.

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