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Why our program is for you

We are a Teenage Parent Program specializing in providing an enriched learning environment that promotes a holistic pre/postnatal educational program in order to develop responsible, caring mothers/fathers while simultaneousely assisting the young mother in achieving her academic and post-secondary goals.

Our Mission Vision


Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center accepts the responsibility of teaching teenage parents through multi-disciplinary approaches in a nurturing environment. We recognize the total well-being of each student by fostering positive social and emotional growth. In addition, we provide academic, parenting, life management and career skills, along with needed support services, allowing for maximum school success.


Dorothy M. Wallace COPE (Continuing Opportunities for Purposeful Education) Center’s vision is to provide varying educational opportunities, enabling teenage parents to become high school graduates and reach their fullest potential.

Title 1 Parent Meeting December 20, 2017 - Media Center... Hope to see you there!


2017-18 Parent-Student Handbook

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A Day in the Life of a Teen Parent by Photojournalist Kitra Cahana

Photo by @kitracahana // Stephanie Bastidas (17) and her baby Logan spends a Saturday afternoon with her best friend and classmate Stephanie Rosales (18) and her baby Elijah on May 20, 2016 in Miami, Florida. The two girls are both graduating seniors at The Dorothy M. Wallace COPE (Continuing Opportunities for Purposeful Education) Center. Stephanie Bastidas is graduating a year early because during her pregnancy with Logan she attended high school during the day as well as night classes after school. Stephanie has this to say about finishing high school a year early: "Everyone wants to just go home and rest but I thought 'I need to do this now. I would rather do this now and get ahead.' And it's the motivation that your son or daughter gives you. I feel like we're always one step ahead because of our motivation. No one else has that motivation behind them that someone's depending on you, someone you love so much, someone you created, someone you protected inside of you. And that's my motivation to keep going and to strive." The Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center in Miami, Florida is an alternative school for pregnant and teen moms to continue their K-12 education. The school provides a supportive environment that caters to the needs of teen moms, including an on-site daycare for the infants, toddlers and young children. // For the National Geographic January 2017 special issue #GenderRevolution #teenmom #teenmoms #copesouth #miami

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